If you have a pipe break in your home or business, major damage could occur from flooding water. A pipe break could result in a slow leak or a rush of water. Either way, there are some important things you need to know about protecting your property.

1. Hire a certified technician to detect and repair the pipe break. A qualified professional can efficiently and effectively determine the source of the leak and stop further damage.


2. Rapid response is key when dealing with a pipe leak. If you notice water in your carpets or floor, call an emergency response team immediately. Even a slow water pipe leak can result in serious damage to your property.


3. Ensure that your technician throughly reviews the remediation process with you and that you understand all of the steps in the process.


4. Ask for assistance with handling your insurance claim. An experienced pipe break specialist should be able to provide insight into how best to file your home owner insurance claim and answer any questions you have.


Don’t let a pipe break damage your home or business. We recently helped remediate a pipe break in a six story condo and know first hand how much of an inconvenience pipe breaks can be to your lifestyle. Read more here >>  Beach Condo Flood from Pipe Break


If you have a pipe break, please call the MicroTech Rapid Response Team at (904) 449-1030 in Jacksonville today.