Tropical Storm and FloodsIt is important to note that homeowners policies do not cover damages due to a flood, for this coverage you would need a flood insurance policy. However home insurance could pay for some damage by water say for example rain coming in from strong winds, the roof or a broken window. It is important to note what actually caused the damage. If the water damage was caused to improper house maintenance then it may not be covered. For instance if you left your windows open for long periods of time or you didn’t maintain the paint coverage for proper sealing of your wood, those instances it may not be covered.

Water can cause a lot of damage itself however if not remedied it could lead to mold problems which are a whole other problem to remedy. It is important that if you do have water come in to your home whether it’s from a storm or flood to get it dry quickly so no mold can begin to grow. Insurance companies are restricting a lot of mold damage that may be covered. is a resourceful guide for with more information about flooding and flood zones and you can also check out our blog article. How do you tell if you’re living in a flood zone?

Take the time to do the research before the Hurricane season is upon you. Check out these videos from FloodSmart with stories from others experiencing a flood.

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