As we’ve mentioned in previous posts mold can certainly be dangerous and costly to remove and remediate. One of the best things to prevent having to get mold remediation services is to prevent the mold in the first place. There are mold spores all over the place and they will love to grow if you let them. Mold especially likes to grow in humid climates like Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida / South-Eastern climates. Below are some quick tips for preventing mold damage in your home, office or building.

1. Detect and remedy mold friendly areas.
While you can’t eliminate mold completely you can help prevent it by making it challenging for mold to thrive. Mold likes to grow in damp, dark places so you can check your home or office for challenged spots where mold may grow.

  • Check the basement for flooding
  • Check around the house after a big rain to ensure there are no leaks
  • Check the ceiling for water stains indicating a leak
  • Check your gutters

2. Don’t leave wet spots or wet items.
Mold needs moisture to grow so don’t give it a chance to. If you have some flooding from a storm, a spill on the carpet or water from a leaky pipe, dry the area promptly. Failure to dry the area properly will result in mold growth. Be sure not leave wet items such as towels or clothes in a pile or in the washer, this can lead to mold and bacteria growth as well.

3. Prevent moisture and excess humidity with proper ventilation and air flow.
Ensure that humidity levels are low and there is proper ventilation. Ensuring there is proper ventilation in the shower, laundry room, attic or basement can help to ensure that it’s not humid for mold to grow. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers go a long way to remove the extra moisture in the air but even running a fan or opening a window can help get the circulation to prevent mold growth.

4. Ensure to have roof gutters in good working condition.
Mold can easily be caused by damaged gutters that result in a leak. Ensure your gutters are cleaned regularly and inspected for damage. Gutters play an important part of keeping your home in good shape and protected from the rain.

5. Use mold resistant items when possible.
It should be no surprise that if you utilize mold resistant items when possible then chance of having mold problems decreases immensely. There are many mold resistant products including:

  • Mold Resistant Paint
  • Mold Resistant Wood
  • Mold Resistant Shower Curtains
  • Mold Resistant Bath Mat
  • and more

IF you do end up having a mold problem that you are unsure what is causing it or how to rid it you may want to call in a professional to come and assess the scene. MicroTech can check out your mold situation and remediate the situation as well as restore any damage caused by the mold.