During the holidays, your home will hopefully be brimming with activity and loved ones.

At MicroTech, we want to make sure that your holiday celebration is as safe and enjoyable as possible by sharing our Top 5 Plumbing and Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays. 

Water Damage Repair Jacksonville 1. Watch for pipe breaks– the cooler weather can lead to freezing temperatures overnight and pipe breaks. In Florida, our homes and businesses generally do not have the proper insulation to prevent pipe breaks. If you see standing water or soaked carpets in your home, call a certified pipe break specialist immediately to prevent further damage to your home. Read more about pipe breaks here>> Pipe Breaks Video

2. Keep your garbage disposal running smooth– family gatherings and large meals are one of the best things about the holidays, but backed-up garbage disposal can quickly put a halt to your holiday spirit. Make sure you keep your garbage disposal running smooth to prevent plumbing overload in your kitchen. For a list of things you should never put down your garbage disposal click here >> Huffington Post

3. Carpet care for visitors– your guests will appreciate a clean, inviting home as you invite them to celebrate the holidays with you. Before your holiday party begins, inspect your carpets for any loose pieces or exposed nails. Then hire a trusted carpet cleaning company to make your carpets look their best. After the holiday parties are over, a good carpet cleaning of the high traffic areas is also recommended. Learn more about MicroTech carpet cleaning services>> Carpet Cleaning Services

4. Keep your fireplace safe– fire safety is especially important during the holidays when fireplaces are burning in our homes. To ensure that your fireplace is safe and ready for use, read the tips provided by the US Fire Administration here >> USFA Website

Tips include:

  • always use a metal mesh screen, 
  • never use flammables to start a fire, 
  • have your chimney inspected annually, 
  • use fire-resistant materials on walls around wood stoves. 

Learn more about MicroTech fire damage remediation services>> Fire Damage Remediation

5. Avoid Christmas tree fires–  The National Fire Protection Association states that one-third of home Christmas tree fires resulted from electrical problems. They recommend watering your tree to reduce flammability, but also recommend decorating your tree care to avoid fires. Keep your tree at least three feet away from any heat source. Find out more here >> NFPA Website


MicroTech Water Damage Repair in Jacksonville wishes you and yours a very safe and Merry Christmas!