In wrapping up our small series of cleaning up tips from cleaning up after Fire Damage or Smoke Damage we discuss how to remove smoke odor from your home. Smoke damage is a foul, frustrating problem that occurs after a fire in your home. Smoke damage can include visible signs such as soot and blistering on the walls as well as a pungent smoky odor that lingers in your home.

Smoke odor damage can be hard to get rid off because during a fire, smoke can permeate walls and other surfaces and and become trapped in air ducts. The smoke odor can reoccur from time to time if it is not properly removed.

MicroTech offers Smoke Odor Elimination Services that can eliminate the odors in your home. One service we can offer utilizes an odor eliminator fog that can penetrate through your home and walls neutralizing any trapped smoke odor.

Tips for HOW Cleaning Soot Stains from Walls

Smoke Damage Repair JacksonvilleWhen cleaning soot off of the walls it is recommended to use a non-water-based cleaner or a chemical sponge which you can pick up from a cleaning supply company.

You may try using paint thinner or rubbing alcohol to get off some of the challenging soot stains, but use with caution because of toxicity and fumes. Always wear rubber gloves when working with industrial cleaners to prevent burns on the skin. Be sure open all windows and use an electric fan to increase ventilation while working.

Whatever you try do NOT use a water-based cleaner on plaster walls. This will cause the stain to bleed into the wall and may make it impossible to remove.

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