Here are a few of the many Professional Industry References we have received.

I worked with MicroTech on a large claim in the Jacksonville area and I was very pleased with the service that they provided. Brian and his team have been extremely cooperative, professional, courteous and efficient throughout my dealings with them.

Bo Reese Tower Hill Insurance Claims Adjuster

We have used MicroTech over the past several years for services that relate to the residential homes that had been damaged by water losses.  They were able to provide services that ranged from providing emergency remediation services for drying these homes and preventing further damages, to performing restoration of any damaged building materials, ie. floor coverings, wall coverings, moldings, etc.  We have been very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them.

Tim Futch Nationwide Claims Adjuster

MicroTech has WORKED WITH MANY Insurance Agents in the Jacksonville, Florida area.