Storm Damage JacksonvilleStorm Damage repair is a service we at MicroTech are very familiar with it. In fact we have a great reputation in Jacksonville, for helping our clients repair damage from storms or floods.

This Hurricane season has been pretty light for the First Coast of Northeast Florida, however even though there hasn’t been much actual hurricanes there have and will continue to be large storms that will dump a lot of torrential rain in small periods of time. When there is large amounts of rain the chance of floods greatly increase, when there is floods, there is water damage. When there is water damage, we are here to help.

If flooding alone doesn’t effect you there is a potential chance of getting damage from the high winds of various rain and thunderstorms. High winds can cause damage to roofs, trees, doors, screens and many other elements that may protect your home from the elements.

Top 3 ways to prevent storm damage

  • 1. Keeping Trees & Shrubs Trimmed Up
    When there is a storm the high winds can cause trees, bushes and branches to be very damaging to your home. Falling limbs from trees can obviously be very damaging however even small branches can cause wear on a roof in light breezes.
  • 2. Install Gutters & Keep them Maintained
    Gutters can protect a house and property from water damage and soil erosion. Gutters must be cleaned and well maintained to prevent costly repairs.
  • 3. Ensure Sealants Are Properly Maintained
    Nothing causes more damages from storms than leaking sealants. Check all roofing penetrations such as stacks, skylights and chimneys for decaying sealants and make the repairs as needed. But it’s not just the roof that can leak from bad seals-your windows, doors and siding can leak when aging sealants are in place. Caulk, tar or silicone to prevent storm damages to your home.

Keep up to date with the local weather from the weather channel or a local weather website

If you encounter water damage from a storm, call us at MicroTech and we cab help assist getting the damages repaired promptly before more damage can occur.