MicroTech Cares about community


Team MicroTech, water damage repair specialists, is a proud sponsor and supporter of several efforts to improve the lives of those in both the Jacksonville community and around the world. Compassion International, Builders Care and Youth Quake Live all help to improve the quality of life in our modern world and we are proud to support them.

Compassion International micro-tech-caresCompassion International is an organization dedicated to the long-term development of sponsoring and improving the lives of children living in poverty around the world. Team MicroTech sponsors 6 children from across the globe from Bolivia, Tansania, Uganda, India, and South America. Monthly sponsorships feed, clothe, educate and shelter kids in a Christian environment. Get involved with Compassion International and the MicroTech team by visiting http://www.compassion.com.

Builders Care

Builders Care, based out of Jacksonville, is the charitable arm of the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA).  Their mission is to rebuild the American dream to those who need it most by providing construction services for seniors, disabled, and low income individuals in the area. Builders Care is the last hope in some lives to maintain a quality of life at home.  Builders Care specializes in making homes handicapped-accessible, repairing roofs, siding, plumbing, leaks, painting, making general repairs, and installing heating and air conditioning. Visit http://www.builderscare.org to learn more.

Youth Quake Live

Originated in 1995, Youth Quake Live is a community inspired movement to guide young people to live their destiny through faith. They believe that the largest teenage generation in history needs guidance and focus on unity within the Body of Christ to truly make a difference in their lives. See the revolution by visiting http://www.youthquakelive.com

Red Cross

Team MicroTech is also pleased to work as volunteers with the Red Cross in storm situations. Donate to the Red Cross today at https://www.redcross.org/donate.

Project SOS

Project SOS helps parents in raising healthy, responsible young adults who care about themselves and others and do their best at whatever they are trying to do. MicroTech is proud to support this amazing organization! Learn more at www.projectsos.com.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for community involvement and support!