Microtech community involvement

Microtech community involvement

MicroTech would like to introduce you to YouthQuake Live, a local organization we support. The Jacksonville based tour group exists to improve the lives of young people though the power of God in music.

Modern day youth face difficult decisions. YouthQuake Live is a safe place where teens can discover their destiny through God and get answers to life’s difficult questions and find solutions to problems found in peer pressure.

Teenagers from over 40 churches in the Jacksonville area commit a year of their lives to produce events and join in the music. Young people set a good example for others by using powerful drama, dance, music, and more.



“I can’t think of a better cause than the future. These kids put so much effort in every show, it is amazing to see it in action,” said Brian Sobolewksi, President of MicroTech.


The next YouthQuake LIVE show is on January 3, 2014 at Evangel Temple in Jacksonville, FL from 7:30pm to 10pm. Admission is FREE. The rest of the schedule is available at

See what YouthQuake Live is about at


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