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MicroTech Customer Reviews & Rewards

We will send you shopping if you tell us what you think!

Service is our business and we take it seriously! MicroTech technicians and management would like to know how you rate our service.  We know your time is valuable as well as your reviews on our service.  For a limited time**, we are offering our customers a $ 10.00 gift card for each review posted online. If you would like to participate, simply follow the instructions below:

#1) Select a Link & Publish a Review:

Pick a link from the ones below and click on it.  This should take you to the review website and our profile.  Simply follow the instructions for writing a review. You may do this for one or all.

#2) E-Mail Us the Review:

After you save/publish your review, go back to it and copy (the url) from the browser and post it in an email back to info@teammicrotech.com.  Please include your name and the site that you placed a review on in the subject line of your email.  Example:  “John Smith Review on AwesomeReview.com”

#2) Receive Your Rewards:

Once we have confirmation of the review, we will mail your gift cards out! It’s that easy!

Thank You for your efforts. They are highly appreciated.

Please feel free to call with any questions, comments, or concerns.