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    Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration Services

    When a person has an emergency like a pipe breaking or a natural disaster in their home, they need a company that can clean and repair their house fast. Searching for water damage restoration services in Jacksonville, Florida can bring up a staggering number of results. Those who know what services a company offers and what they can expect can make a selection much faster than those who do not. Below are some of the services MicroTech Solutions makes available to homeowners who can feel confident they are choosing the right company for their needs.


    When a hurricane hits, it brings with it rising waters and significant flooding. Once the storm passes, homeowners may feel panicked about getting their house back to normal. They can expect us to treat their damaged home with as much care as they would their own.

    Customers can also trust us to be very responsive and be at their homes quickly. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of an emergency. Since emergencies do not wait for a convenient time to hit, we are available to respond on holidays as well. 

    Expert Service

    Property owners in Jacksonville, FL understand that the MicroTech Solutions water damage restoration company provides a variety of high-quality repair services, including the following:

    Water Damage Restoration

    Jacksonville, FL residents know all-to-well the damage that inclement weather can do to their home and commercial properties. When they find themselves dealing with water damage, they can count on us to respond quickly, accurately assess the damage, and immediately get to work. 

    There are many different types of water damage, and they each require a different restoration technique. Our clients can rest assured knowing that our technicians are well-trained in the latest damage repair methods. Different areas of water restoration include:

    Water Extraction & Structural Drying

    Every water damage restoration company should be capable of water extraction & structural drying. Sitting water inside of the home poses significant threats, including structural damage and mold growth. Property owners must have the water removed, and the structured dried immediately. Our technicians will arrive at the site with the necessary equipment to do the job, such as rescue mats to soak up excess water in flooring, dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and the structure itself, and industrial blowers to assist in drying out the area quickly

    Mold Remediation

    Where there is water, there is mold. Mold remediation is an essential service that we offer all of our customers. Mold remediation involves the removal of any visible mold in the area and repair damaged that the mold has caused. 

    Jacksonville, FL residents know our restoration professionals can assess the damage, and that we have the skills and training to remove any mold from the property. They can expect our technicians to arrive with the right equipment to handle any severity of mold damage. Customers know that we will be able to locate the source of the mold and make the necessary repairs to prevent it from returning.

    Fire Damage Restoration

    The professionals at MicroTech Solutions also have extensive knowledge in other areas of personal and commercial property repairs, such as a fire damage restoration. When a person has a fire, it can be a terrifying experience. The good news is we are trained in fixing the damage a fire has done.

    Emergency Service

    When a person makes a call about a fire or fire damage, they can expect to reach a representative immediately. That representative will ask relevant questions about the situations, and one of our professionals will arrive at the site of the fire quickly after the initial contact is made. 


    A highly-skilled fire restoration technician thoroughly inspects and tests the various rooms on the property, starting with the most damaged area. This test determines the extent of soot, smoke, and fire damage so a plan of action for repairs can be made.

    Board-Up and Tarping

    If the fire has damaged the integrity of the windows, then we will board them up for security and additional damage protection. If the roof has been damaged, we will place tarps over it. 

    Smoke and Soot Removal

    Our restoration professionals use specialized chemicals and equipment to remove smoke and soot from the house or commercial property. We will be sure to remove any items that were irreparably damaged or that give off the smell of smoke. 


    Our customers can have confidence in knowing that we will work to make repairs to the structure to return it to its original condition. These repairs can include fixing or replacing drywall, painting, installing carpet, or even fixing the building’s structure. 


    Once everything is restored and back to normal, we will clean and sanitize anything that has been damaged. We use the most advanced technologies and equipment available to restore items to their original condition, including fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers.

    Floor Removal

    An essential part of our restoration services is floor removal. Floors are not easy to remove, as they are installed to be a permanent fixture. We can provide a free estimate on our floor removal services to any homeowner interested in such a service.

    MicroTech Solutions has the tools necessary to safely remove the floor, as well as clean any dust or debris created as a result of the process. We typically remove the floor in less than a day and will dispose of the old flooring for the customer.

    Whether it is a fire, flood, or another emergency, those who own a home or commercial property in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area need fast, professional restoration services. The presence of moisture and mold can become exponentially worse over a short amount of time. The professionals at MicroTech Solutions are licensed and trained to help residents repair and restore their property to its pre-disaster state. Give us a call today to get help now.

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