View the damage and destruction left by mother nature in these Jacksonville, Florida fire damage photos below.

This home was damaged badly by a fire that spread through out several rooms in the first coast house. As you can tell from the photos the roof was badly damaged by the fire as well. MicroTech offers Fire Damage Restoration services as well as Smoke Odor elimination services to help clean-up and rebuild from the destruction left by a fire.

After a fire has burned a house it may seem like the house is completely destroyed and you couldn’t live in it again, however in some cases if the structure wasn’t badly damaged a house can be restored to a living condition to like it was prior to the fire damage. MicroTech can not only help people repair the damage from fires, we also can give you some guidance to how to navigate and handle dealing with insurance companies.

We at MicroTech hope you never have to experience the devastation of a fire but if you or someone you know does, rest assured that we be there to help repair the damage so you can move on with your life.