Jacksonville Fire Damage RepairJacksonville, Florida has had it’s share of Fires and Fire damage. From the great fire of 1901 to the wildfires that seem to happen every year. At MicroTech we work to help repair damage from fires and restore a building or home back to it’s condition prior to the fire or disaster.

Some of the efforts we look to tackle with our Fire Restoration services are:

  • Fire Damage Repair:
    If your home or building has been damaged in a fire we can help ensure it gets back to it’s condition prior to the fire.
  • Remove Smoke Odor:
    The stench of smoke can linger for quite some time, we can help alleviate the odor to
  • Clean Soot from Electronics, Machinery and Other Valuable Property:
    We can help get your property cleaned up and remove all of the black soot to restore your property back to a better condition.
  • Carpet Cleaning:
    MicroTech offers professional high-quality carpet cleaning services to clean the toughest messes and stains that may come from a fire.

If you or someone you know has had a fire and needs to clean up the mess, call MicroTech and we’ll help you not only clean up the mess and repair the damage but help lead you through the process of dealing with insurance.

History Note:

In eight hours, the fire of 1901 burned 146 city blocks in Jacksonville, Florida and destroyed more than 2,368 buildings, and left almost 10,000 residents homeless. It is said the glow from the flames could be seen in Savannah, Georgia, and the smoke plumes in Raleigh, North Carolina.

MicroTech didn’t help repair Jacksonville after the big fire of 1901, but we have helped repair many of Jacksonville’s current homes and businesses after fires.