During the cold months of winter, there are more home fires that occur among residences as people use fires to warm there homes. Although it’s more common in cold months to have a fire, it’s not the only time that it happens. Fires happen all year long and whether it comes from cooking, candles, cigars or cigarettes the damage is bad either way.

Huge fires can destroy property completely to ash, however smaller or minor fires can cause quite a bit of damage that need to be cleaned up.

Tip 1: See Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Clean Up Advice

After you’ve had a fire you may be tempted to try and clean up from the fire and smoke damage. However cleaning up from damage related to fire and smoke can be tricky and you could have limiting results and/or create further damage. If you have the proper insurance coverage, the cost of using a professional clean-up service such as the type MicroTech offers could be covered by insurance. If you rent, your landlord may use the service to get the damage properly cleaned up.

MicroTech offers professional fire restoration services to Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding North Florida areas and can help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished as well as provide estimates and services for professionally cleaning and deodorizing your home. If you have had a fire or know someone who has tell them to call MicroTech at 904-448-1030 to get an assessment on their situation.