On Tuesday, November 12, MicroTech water damage remediation team received an emergency condo flood call from the property manager of a six story condo in Jacksonville Beach.

A washing machine hose from a residence on the sixth floor burst causing a leak that flooded all six floors of the building as it ran down the interior walls. Washing machines with old hoses are a common cause of water damage and residential floods. The residents were in a panic trying to stop the water from flooding their homes and damaging their personal belongings.

The MicroTech emergency water remediation response team arrived within an hour of receiving the call and worked quickly to solve the problem. The team worked to extract the water, evaporate the water, dehumidify the air and control the air temperature. MicroTech treated the water damaged materials with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit any mold growth, answered questions about insurance claims, arranged for carpet cleaning and worked quickly to get the residents back in their homes.

Avoid Water Damage from Old OR BROKEN Washing Machine Hoses

To avoid a residential flood from happening to you, there are four things you can do today:

  1. Replace your washing machine hose if you’ve had it more than five years. Most washing machine manufacturers have this recommendation listed in their service manuals. Please review your manual for specific details.
  2. Install an emergency water shut off valve. If you are not sure where your emergency shut off valve is located in your home. Please call MicroTech for a service call and we’d be happy to help you locate it in your home.
  3. Install stainless steel braided hoses that are not as susceptible to breaks. Stainless steel braided hoses last longer and are tougher than ordinary washing machine hoses.
  4. Turn off the water supply when not in use. This becomes especially important over the holiday travel season. If you are planning to be away from your home, don’t forget this important step.

We hope that your family never has to experience damage to your home and belongings due to a broken or damaged washing machine hose. If this happens to you, please call the MicroTech Jacksonville based water damage emergency response team at (904) 448-1030.