Mold comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. No mold is good in your home or office, however some mold is more dangerous than others. MicroTech can help determine the type of mold remediation jax you’re dealing with and can remove the mold and remediate the cause of the mold. We are based out of Jacksonville, Florida and serve both residential and commercial customers in Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas.

Mold is a common problem in homes and offices of Florida because of the humidity in the air. Through out March blog post series we’ll be reviewing several different mold types which include:


Alternaria is an allergenic mold. Alternaria is usually found on soil and plants. If you inhale this type of mold, it could cause asthmatic reactions, hay fever, and various other allergies.


Cladosporium mold is a powdery substance that is black or darkish green. It normally grows on food, dead plants, paint, and fiberglass air ducts. This types of mold can cause nail fungus, asthma, pulmonary conditions, and skin rashes in humans.


Memnoniella is also one of the common types of mold found in homes. Memnoniella is usually found on cotton, paper, and wood products. Memnoniella can also develop toxins that are very harmful to the health of animals and humans. It is commonly found alongside Stachybotrys.


Mucor is usually found in soil and animal droppings. It is a common type of mold which can also thrive in household dust. People who have weak immune systems can easily develop lung infections if they are exposed to this type of mold.


Penicillium is an allergenic mold that can cause many diseases in humans. This type of mold commonly lives soil, food, or decaying food materials and can be found in the dust in your air conditioning system.


Stachybotrys is a slimy, blackish mold, and is commonly referred to as toxic black mold. Like Memnoniella, it can also produce toxins that are very harmful to your health. It is known for causing cancer, asthma, and headaches. This type of mold is commonly found in the back of walls and under ceilings.

Stachybotrys, or toxic black mold, can cause asthma, cancer, headache, and various other health problems. Memnoniella is commonly found alongside Stachybotrys and can also produce toxins harmful to your health.

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