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A survey recently conducted by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) found that eight out of 10 U.S. homeowners (81 percent) feel that their family’s health is directly related to the cleanliness of their floors.

Your Flooring Could Be Contributing to Your Allergies

One-third (33 percent) said that someone in their household suffers from indoor al­lergies. Among households with allergy sufferers, half (50 percent) agree that the type of flooring in the home can be attrib­uted to allergies.

The “You’d Be Floored” survey, commis­sioned by the IICRC, polled 1,155 hom­eowners throughout the country about issues related to flooring and floor cleanli­ness between October 29 and November 2, 2007. Detailed results can be found at www.CertifiedCleaners.org.

Three out of four homeowners (77 per­cent) vacuum their floors at least once per week and those with children are more likely to vacuum several times per week (47 percent among those with children and 32 percent among those without). When it comes to deep cleaning, almost half of the homeowners (49 percent) deep clean their carpet at least every six months, with 39 percent hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. While nearly half of the homeowners surveyed (45 percent) deep clean other hard surfaces in their home at least every six months, only seven per­cent hire a professional.

“To maintain the appearance of flooring, not only carpet, but all flooring should receive professional cleaning to preserve finishes and durability, and to improve en­vironmental quality for family members,” said Ruth Travis, IICRC president.

Notably, 75 percent of respondents per­ceive carpet to be the least effective type of flooring in minimizing conditions that aggravate allergies. Twenty-six percent of respondents view wood flooring as the most effective for improving indoor air quality.

“Homeowners are often misled in believing that carpet itself irritates indoor allergies,” said Jeff Bishop, IICRC technical advisor. “However, scientific studies demonstrate that just the opposite is true: carpet actually traps airborne allergens that can easily be vacuumed out, whereas wood flooring allows irritants to be stirred up by normal traffic or sweeping and released into the breathing zone. Airborne dust, not carpet, is the culprit that triggers al­lergies.”

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