Flooding in Jacksonville

After a hurricane or flood there are many things that you may need to do depending on the strength and severity of the hurricane. While the most dangerous part of the storm may have passed there are a lot of things that can still cause harm if not handled correctly after the storm. From left

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Ponte Vedra Jax Beach Hurricane Safety

MicroTech is dedicated to helping get important safety information out to the public so that people can stay safe this hurricane season. On Wednesday July 24, Ponte Vedra Beach and Jax Beaches Divisions of the Chamber of Commerce are hosting an event. MicroTech is sponsoring the event Are you Ready for the Storm? Emergency Management

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Jacksonville, Florida Hurricane Center

First Coast Hurricane Center

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

MicroTech’s First Coast Hurricane Center is an on going effort to compile great resources for Hurricane Safety including weblinks, PDF Downloads, articles and additional resources. Please share by Liking, Tweeting or Forwarding to friends and family to keep safe this hurricane season. Download our Hurricane Preparation Guide ยป Hurricane Related Articles: Emergency Supply List by

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American Red Cross Supplies

Recommended Hurricane Supplies

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

If you followed our previous post, Hurricane Safety Tips for Florida and the First Coast, you received tips for getting prepared for a hurricane, tropical storms or torrential rain. However it is also important to have recommended hurricane supplies handy and prepared to utilize when the storm has finally arrived. Below is a list composed

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Hurricane Supplies Limits

Throughout hurricane season MicroTech continues to share information and resources that can help you stay safe if and when the First Coast is hit by a hurricane or tropical storm. This article covers hurricane safety tips for Florida and the First Coast, however the general tips apply to any city or county facing a hurricane

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Hurricane Dora Jacksonville

MicroTech did a post on the Top Ten Most Damaging Hurricanes of the U.S. and decided being that our headquarters is in Jacksonville, Florida that we’d look into Jacksonville’s history with the most damaging Jacksonville hurricanes and tropical storms. Luckily while Jacksonville has had it’s fair share of tropical storms and hurricanes it actually suffered

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Hurricane Katrina Flooded Aftermath

Each hurricane season, MicroTech gets calls from around Jacksonville and North Florida from people dealing with hurricane damage, rising flood waters or other water related challenges. When the weather rough in Jacksonville, we are on top of it offering Water Extraction & Water Damage Restoration services but we were curious about historically around the U.S..

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Tropical Storm Andrea

It’s Hurricane Season Jacksonville and it’s time to be on prepared and on the look out for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes that will be hitting North Florida over the next several months. It is no secret that both tropical storms and hurricanes can cause a lot of damage from both wind and water including floods

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At MicroTech we help clean up from disasters of all sorts from Water Damage and Fires to Hurricanes and Floods all over Jacksonville and surrounding areas in Florida. We pride ourselves in our service and highly appreciate our customers so we thought it be helpful to share this Free Disaster Supplies Checklist. Since it’s Hurricane

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Water Damage Specialists

MicroTech’s Vision and Mission

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

First Coast damage restoration experts MicroTech take their jobs and responsibilities seriously. They have a developed a strong reputation in the First Coast for delivering quality service and professional craftsmanship. Below is an outline of their vision & mission. Our Vision We will be valued for our expertise and our ability to positively impact the

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