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When disaster strikes, a timely and efficient response is paramount — which is precisely why home and business owners across Northeast Florida rely on the certified services of the MicroTech Solutions team.

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Our highly-trained and licensed staff is wholly committed to ensuring your water, flood, mold, and fire damage needs are met. As Northeast Florida’s trusted choice for restoration and remediation services, we can guarantee that your home and community’s safety is our sole priority.

We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can rest assured you are never alone in the face of catastrophe.

Our Services

Water Damage Services

Whether you’ve been struck by flooding, a hurricane, or other deficiencies in circulation that have unleashed heavy water or moisture into your property, we are equipped to rehabilitate your space and repair the damage. Our team of experts is both licensed and insured to remediate your home, rendering us capable of performing the highest-quality water extraction and structural drying processes in Northeast Florida.

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Fire Damage Services

Capable of wreaking havoc on a property in more ways than one, fires can even damage pieces of property that did not sit in close proximity to the flames themselves. From burns to smoke and soot, we understand that fire damage can be utterly devastating — which is why our professional team is trained to perform fire restoration as a means of preventing further damage or decay to your home and belongings.

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Mold Removal Services

Minding mold-growth is not just an issue of aesthetics or structural longevity, but one of health. Potentially hazardous to the occupants of your property, mold can be difficult to identify or remove, even when you know it is present and visible. That’s why the MicroTech Solutions team also specializes in mold identification and remediation — because your health and safety always takes priority.

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Client Reviews

Did you know that our average Google Rating is 4.8 stars? Check out some of the testimonials below to see what our clients have to say about their experiences with the MicroTech Solutions team:

“The actual workers, Noah, Christian, Jeff, Greg, Bree, Nate and Mike were all a 10! They were very polite and professional. I highly recommend them to all!”

Sharon Kavanaugh

“On time, well mannered, explained things well, and answered all questions.”

Morgan Smith

“Stavon and Noah came to my home and were very professional. They went above and beyond what was expected of them. They came to treat my master bath and checked out my other two baths as a courtesy.”

Nicole Donald

“Had some warranty work done and it’s still under-go, however Stavon and David did an amazing job! Never met any technician with the drive both of them have. I look forward to reaching out to Microtech for my personal needs and would love for this dynamic duo to do some amazing work!”


“MicroTech did a mold and mycotoxin clean up on our new home remodel. I am severely allergic to mold and mycotoxins. When we started the remodeling on a home we recently purchased, we found mold. After the remediation, Microtech came in and did 3 rounds of clean up during the renovations to make sure to remove as much dust and mold particles as possible. They followed our exact specifications on the clean up process and did a fantastic job on the clean up. My wife and I were impressed with the level of detail they followed. Thanks to them, I am now in our new place and feeling healthy and happy!”

James Roman

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